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  • UX and Business Analysis 🥸

    UX and Business Analysis 🥸

    When I’m not working for our clients I teach at the TBA Academy and during our last class on “Wireframing for Business Analysts” we tried an orientation exercise. Where on the crossroads of UX (User Experience) do analysts fit in? User Experience (UX) design is a fascinating intersection of technology, business, design, and—most importantly—the users…

  • BA&Beyond 2023 was great 🤩

    BA&Beyond 2023 was great 🤩

    The Lean Coffee was a blast on both days and my session on the 4 lenses of BA Deliverables Optimization got great responses. So much so that we might turn it into a webinar on LinkedIn for The Business Analysts. These where my key take-aways from the conference …

  • Catch me at BA&Beyond 2023, High Impact BA

    On Monday the 22nd and and Tuesday the 23rd you can find me at the BA&Beyond conference. 😁

  • Tinkering with WordPress.

    I’m really just messing around with my server to be honest. Go play with the rest of the internet! Nothing to see here yet 😅

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